Events & Shows

Embark on a journey of elegance and style with Shades Italian Hairdresser at London's premier events and shows. From the chic glamour of Tutussie during London Fashion Week 2024 to the bold fusion of rock and glam with Hatenaire, and the vibrant creativity showcased at Marangoni Academy, Shades consistently takes center stage as the official hairstylist, transforming each event into a spectacle of cutting-edge trends and sophisticated allure.


Step into the world of glamour and style at Tutussie, Mayfair - London runway event where the city's chicest fashionistas gathered for an unforgettable showcase during London Fashion Week 2024. Amidst the buzz of excitement and anticipation, Shades Italian Hairdresser took center stage as the official hairstylist of the evening, setting the tone for a display of cutting-edge trends and impeccable style. From avant-garde updos to sleek, flowing locks, Shades' expert touch adorned each model with runway-ready looks, elevating the atmosphere with a touch of Italian flair. As the lights dimmed and the music swelled, Tutussie became a haven of haute couture and sophisticated elegance, leaving guests captivated by the fusion of fashion and artistry on display.


Step into the world of Hatenaire, where rock meets glam in an explosion of Italian style. In a recent photoshoot, the essence of Hatenaire was captured by Shades Italian Hairdresser, the official hairstylist of the day. Our creative vision brought forth unique and striking results, blending the edgy allure of rock with the sophisticated glamour of Italian fashion. It's a fusion of boldness and elegance, where every strand of hair tells a story of confidence and individuality.


At the picturesque Marangoni Academy in London, a vibrant photoshoot unfolded, with Shades Italian Hairdresser taking the reins as the official hairstylist. The air buzzed with creativity and passion as the talented team worked their magic, crafting amazing hairstyles that were nothing short of works of art. Each style was meticulously created with an eye for detail, resulting in stunning looks that perfectly complemented the shoot's aesthetic. It was a day filled with flair, innovation, and a shared commitment to achieving excellence in both hairdressing and photography.