About Us

Our story started in Sicily (Italy), place of culture, fashion, sun and good food more than thirty years ago.

We are passionate about hair, style and fashion. Indeed our aim is to innovate the hair styling and London is the right place for that. At Shades Salons, you can find original and breaking new hair colouring techniques and exclusive natural ammonia-free products; all mixed with Italian creativity and special care for customers.


Our Technique: Italian Degradé 

Degradé is a hair coloring technique created by Claudio Mengoni in 1990.

The distinctive trait of this coloring technique is the creation of shades that give out a very natural effect to the hair.

Degradé also allows to reach any kind of result starting from any situation: it can brighten, darken, give tone, give structure to the hair and cover gray hair.

The starting point is always the natural hair color, which is emphasized and enhanced thanks to the color shades applied.

Every Degradé is made using a minimum of 2 different color shades and each lock of hair is treated using one of the selected colors, with an alternation that creates a very peculiar effect.

According to technical needs and the result you want to obtain, you can also use a higher number of color shades.

Before carrying out the Degradé, the hairstylist runs a careful diagnosis of the hair texture, in order to get an optimal coloring result.

The elements taken into account are:

  • hair starting color (either natural or treated);
  • the result you want to obtain by coloring the hair;
  • hair structure (thin, medium or thick hair);
  • hair health.

Once the diagnosis is made and keeping in mind the final result desired, the hairstylist can decide if the result can be obtained in just one step or if more sessions are required over time.

The latter is required to only when the color you want to obtain is very different from the starting color. Normally, almost all Degradé are made in just one step.

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