Why choose Italian Degradé

  1. Healthy, Natural Locks: Experience the beauty of Italian Degradé with its natural shades achieved through a vertical coloring technique, significantly reducing the use of chemical products. Say goodbye to artificial hues and embrace a result that not only respects your hair's health but also provides an authentic and vibrant look.

  2. Regrowth-Free Elegance: Bid farewell to regrowth concerns as Italian Degradé treats roots with classic colors and ammonia-free beeswax-based products. This meticulous approach minimizes regrowth lines, ensuring a seamless and elegant transition between colors for a polished finish.

  3. Long-Lasting, enduring Brilliance: Revel in long-lasting color brilliance with Degradé's intricate technique. Unique method of colouring keeps your hair shining for an extended period, and with virtually no regrowth, enjoy significantly longer intervals between treatments. Choose Italian Degradé for enduring beauty without compromise.


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