What's Money Pieces Highlights?

Achieve a million-dollar look with money piece highlights, the hottest trend adored by celebrities. This face-framing coloring technique lightens the front strands of your hair, acting like a contour for your locks. It enhances your natural shade, providing an effortlessly sun-kissed glow that's easy to maintain between salon visits.

Versatile and customizable, money piece hair suits every type, length, and style. Experiment with bold pastels or subtle shades to elevate your look. Despite its celebrity association, this style is affordable for all budgets.


Similar to balayage, money pieces focus on painting highlights from root to end, creating a lived-in, natural appearance while brightening your hair and defining facial features. Style it as you wish, keeping in mind that the way you part your hair can enhance the drama. Maintain the look with color-safe products and minimize heat styling for long-lasting brilliance.


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